Roots School cares not only for Education but also for Ethics and Manners.

Roots School follows the latest International English curriculum with different activities to make teaching an interesting process.

All teachers are chosen with care and are given ongoing training throughout the year to enhance students' capabilities.   


  • Learning is a lifelong process. Our changing world needs schools to teach the skills necessary to promote and develop this process.
  • All students must be encouraged, given the opportunity and support to achieve their greatest potential through the establishment of high expectations.            
  • All students as a result of their education must be prepared to be responsible and contributing members of the changing global community.            
  • A strong will and confidence in one's ability to excel are essential traits for students to become productive citizens.            
  • We believe in creating child-centered classrooms where students are actively engaged.

ِAbout us

Roots School is a Co-educational school located in the heart of Nasr City on an area of 1100 square meters. The school was inaugurated in 2003 with a vision to build up responsible, caring, skilled and effective members of society to face and build the future.


Roots Vision is to provide the necessary resources and support to produce a safe positive educational environment that is conducive to learning and teaching.
We envision that Roots' students will be academically and socially prepared to successfully compete, perform and adapt in the global market place.


Our mission is to provide educational programs and a learning environment, which will maximize each student's full potential to become lifelong learners, responsible productive citizens and active community members in an ever-changing world. This will be achieved through highly professional staff and a quality management system.


Dear Parents and Students,

It is of our utmost priority here at Roots School to build the personality of our students by discovering and nurturing the special talent of each student


The school is accredited by the following educational bodies:

  • The Ministry of Social Affairs.
  • The Ministry of Education


The school is accredited by the following educational bodies:
The Ministry of Social Affairs. The Ministry of Education. The University of London Edexcel Board. The University of Cambridge International Examination Board. Oxford AQA.


At roots school we deeply believe that investing in quality education is shaping a better future for all. Out of this belief, we exert our best effort to create a learning- motivational and safe environment inside each class, where children become active, conscious and responsible learners. Engaging activities are an essential part of our education system that focuses not only on academic excellence, but on social skills as well. At Roots, the future simply starts now.

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We care about finding the best place for you to contribute and do the work you truly enjoy. We often shape our roles around your talents and want our interviewing process to be as valuable to you as it is to us. If you want to be here, we want to hear from you.

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Abbas El Akkad Extension, Al Fath City, Behind Al Tawfik Mosque, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt.